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First post, kind of…

July 25, 2012

I believe it is finally time to start some blog. This is not the first time I’m trying it, but who knows – maybe this time it will work out. When I looked at junk I had here, I decided to make a fresh start, that’s why this is first post, but not really “first first post”.What I will write about? Just as blog title states, I will write about various stuff. You can find some examples on top of page, but this is only my first draft idea about what will be here. What actually lands on this page depends on how I feel when I write it and what I have to say. I will try to write as much as I can, but not only to share my thoughts – also to train my writing. If you find any spelling mistakes, don’t hesitate to contact me – I thank you in advance. English isn’t my primary language and any mistakes you find will help me improve.

That’s enough for today, this is only introductory post, mostly to get things going. I will try to write here on at least weekly basis, but I don’t promise. Depending on situation I will take longer or shorter breaks. Next one will be shorter, I expect another post to appear this week.

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