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Good stuff: Diablo Swing Orchestra

July 30, 2012

Short post once again. It’s about Diablo Swing Orchestra. I found out about this band about year ago – now, they released their third album – Pandora’s Piñata.They play an intriguing mixture of jazz, metal and classical music flavoured with progressive sounds. It’s very hard to apply some label to them, because they mix multiple genres and each song is different, yet recognizable because of its unique feel – yet most people say it’s avant-garde metal. Want to check out what I’m talking about? Listen to opening song from their latest album, which they released for free on YouTube. If you aren’t into metal, don’t be scared, it’s quite gentle – just give it a go:

Want to hear more? Get their first album, The Butcher’s Ballroom, legally and for free from Jamendo or grab their music on CD or LP!

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