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About me

Hi there, my name is Andrzej Giniewicz, but you might know me as “giniu”. I have decided to make a page where you can find some details about me, but I will try to keep it short.

Today I’m working towards Ph.D. in math at University of Technology in my hometown in Poland. It’s fun and isn’t considered a “real job” by most people, although it eats a lot of time and effort. Math was always related to my interests, but I never liked pure math too much. I was always close to applications, either to applications in medicine, industry, computer science or game development. Nowadays I tend to not list math as my interest any more. Not that I don’t like it any more, but this is partly because I kind of work as a mathematician now and because I use and extend it as a tool for other applications.

My playing with computer science also reach very old times. It was 1993 when I got first personal computer – it was Commodore C-64. Quickly after some playing around I found that you can do with more than play on it. I learned Basic and Assembler still in ground school. Later I learned another languages. It is hard to count languages I used, but I can say that nowadays I use at least programming 10 languages. This again isn’t my key interest and I tend to not list it as one. Same story as math, I use it as a tool and mean to reach new things, not as a target itself. Also, recently I started to work as a half-time IT guy at my university – I it labelled computer science as work, not as a hobby. Still, I contribute quite large part of my time to communities of various open source projects, including Arch Linux distribution, mathematical package Sage or some other projects you might once hear about on this blog.

So I talked about work – math and open source – but also open source math. I like how it all blends together! Now, to my hobby interests. They include photography (mainly analogue, but recently I added a little bit of digital photography), typography (both DTP and historic methods) and game development (well, development and design). All those are I believe forms of artistic expression, creative forms of spending time. At same time, they are dependent on idea, knowledge and technology. In contrast to painting, drawing, singing or playing instruments, it does not require skilled hand or voice, which I’m not given. I of course like to spend time in more passive forms, reading good books or listening to music, usual stuff.

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