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I have to clean it up a bit

August 3, 2012

I just noticed, that the way I applied tags do not work too well – I really have to limit their count. I also found some spelling mistakes here and there. It turns out that the speed at which I restarted is too big for me to keep the quality high enough. That’s why I will take a few days break, clean it up, and then switch to two-posts-per-weak mode, at least for some time.

A not-so-quick look at the lens focal length

August 2, 2012

There is a lot of talk about guides to selecting lens sets. I decided to add my two cents into the mixture. How to select lens focal length when deciding on new system? Read more…

Another post to throw out

August 1, 2012

Funny… it’s week now since I restarted this – I wanted to find enough time to post at least once but it turned out that I can provide everyday posts… let’s see how long I can keep it up.

Found on the web

July 31, 2012

An old strip from PhD Comics… maybe I should try this next semester? 🙂

Crushing the dreams of our youth.

Good stuff: Diablo Swing Orchestra

July 30, 2012

Short post once again. It’s about Diablo Swing Orchestra. I found out about this band about year ago – now, they released their third album – Pandora’s Piñata. Read more…

Worth visiting in the web: Ramón Miranda

July 29, 2012

Today I’d like to point you to page of one of my friends – Ramón Miranda – talented digital (and traditional) painter, who uses free and libre graphics software. On his page, you will not only find some good drawings, but also video tutorials and other materials for Gimp, Krita or MyPaint – which includes GPS, his already famous brush presets for Gimp.

My setup for audio

July 28, 2012

I like good music. And I don’t like partial solutions. Recently I decided to invest some time and money into my sound system. Due to lack of space I decided it has to integrate nicely with my current home PC running Linux. It turns out, that you can get really nice quality! Read more…